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The best WhatsApp Client for Mac. Chat with your friends, family, colleagues or customers, protect your privacy, use multiple WhatsApp accounts and export chats.

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Send and receive text and voice messages, images, videos, GIFs, documents, contacts, stickers, links, reactions, products and orders. Thanks to various notification options you will never miss an incoming message while Do not Disturb-Mode is only ever one click away to help you focus when you need to.


Thanks to various notification options you will never miss an incoming message. Get notified via Desktop Notification, in the Dock or in the Menu Bar.

"Do not disturb"-Mode

Sometimes we all need some quiet time. Therefore "Do not disturb"-Mode is only one click away. It will temporarily disable all notifications for incoming messages so you can focus on what you are currently doing.


We believe that privacy is a human right and your conversations are among the most sensitive data you possess. Therefore we have built Privacy Mode and Stealth Mode that will help to protect your privacy.

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode locks ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp when you currently don’t use it. It can be unlocked by either entering a password or Touch ID. Also, you can choose not to receive notifications while the App is locked.

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode only displays the content of the message your mouse is currently pointing at. This helps keep your conversations protected against curious eyes in public places.

Multiple Accounts

You have two WhatsApp accounts? Maybe one for your private conversations and one for work? We got you covered. You can sync as many accounts as you like with ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp.

Switching is easy

Switching between your accounts is just a single click or if you prefer a keyboard combination away.

Choosing distinct wallpaper images and notification sounds for each account will help you navigate between your accounts.

Archive and Export

Conversations can be of great sentimental or business value to you. Therefore losing them when your phone gets damaged or stolen or due to a problem with some cloud service that you have no control over is a nightmare. With Archive and Export we put you back in control over your conversation data.


Archive is a place where you can store your most important conversations locally on your Mac. This makes them fully independent of any cloud service or your phone. When using Time Machine, backups of the archive will be created regularly by default.


You can use the Export feature to store whole conversations in a single file.
This is particularly useful when you want to forward a conversation to friends or colleagues. Just send them the exported conversation file and they can read the conversation using ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp.


Messaging Apps by most people are used on a daily basis. We believe that something you use every day should be pleasing. That is why we worked extra hard to make ChatMate for WhatsApp the beauty it is today.

Day and night

No matter the time of the day. We have designed the App so that it looks stunning both in light and Dark Mode.
Many like Dark Mode so much that they prefer to use it all day long. We give you that option right in the Preferences of ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp.

Make it yours

Your conversations are personal and so is the look of the ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp. The wallpaper image you choose therefore gets reflected by many elements of the App.
To get you started we provide a library of more than 20 stunning wallpaper images you can choose from.

WhatsApp Business

Being able to send a WhatsApp message is a very convenient way for customers to get in touch with your business. WhatsApp Business provides special features that are particularly useful for business owners for free. We have built full support for WhatsApp Business into the app.

Stay in touch with your customers

We have built support for the administration and sending of WhatsApp Business Products right into the app. Also you can use ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp to receive Orders from your customers.

Further, being able to export a conversation as a file and storing it in a CRM software of your choice is a must have for businesses.

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