Frequently Asked Questions


No, ChatMate for WhatsApp is a third party App which is developed by Bastian Roessler. Bastian Roessler is not sponsored by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. in any way.

For using ChatMate (Pro) for WhatsApp on your Mac you need a smartphone that is compatible with WhatsApp Web. Using ChatMate for WhatsApp without owning a smartphone is not possible.

No. After syncing the App to the WhatsApp App on your smartphone, ChatMate (Pro) for WhatsApp works without your phone needing to stay online.

Yes! As an existing customer we offer you three month of ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp for free.

Find out how to redeem the upgrade offer.

The most advanced WhatsApp experience on your Mac is available starting from $0.99/month or $9.99/year.

All the subscription options, features and prices will be highlighted in detail when first opening the app on your Mac.


Please follow the instructions here in order to install ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp on your Mac.

License, Subscription and Activation

You can choose from four different subscription options: Basic, Plus, Max and Ultra.

When first opening ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp on your Mac, you will be presented with all the options and the differences in features will be explained. Also the prices for all the subscription options will be displayed in your local currency.

Also you can choose between monthly and annual billing as well as single user licenses and multi user licenses.

Absolutely. Just visit our License Center (Link) and enter the eMail address that you have used during the checkout process. All your license keys for any version of ChatMate will be re-sent to that eMail address immediately.
Important: In case you have purchased ChatMate via the (Mac) App Store, you don't need a license key. However, in this case it is important that you download the App from the (Mac) App Store again. Re-downloading in any case will be free as long as you are signed into to (Mac) App Store with the same account that you have used initially to purchase the App.

With a single license of ChatMate you can activate the app on up to two Macs in parallel. After this limit is reached, it is not possible to activate the app on another Mac with the same license key.
In case you want to use ChatMate on more than two Macs in parallel we would like to ask you to purchase another license key.
However, you can reset your license at any time via our license center (Link). This will deactivate ChatMate on the machines it was previously used on and you can then use your license key to activate ChatMate on up to two Macs again.

No. A license key is only necessary in case you have purchased ChatMate via this website or inside the Mac version of the ChatMate app.