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ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is a WhatsApp client with features not found in any other client, including the official WhatsApp Desktop app. These include support for multiple WhatsApp accounts, exporting of conversations into a file, password lock ("Privacy Mode"), macOS native design and support for wallpaper images.

What is ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp?

ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is the only WhatsApp client that is specifically designed for Mac. Therefore, in contrast to the official WhatsApp client, which is built solely using web technologies (Electron), ChatMate Pro feels like a first class citizen in the Mac environment.

In addition to Design and UI, the App offers features, that no other WhatsApp client app offers. These unique features are:

Privacy first!

ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is built to protect the privacy of its users.

When "Privacy Mode" is activated, the App will be locked after the user does not interact with it for a certain time. This duration can be configured by the user. The user can unlock the App either via password or Touch ID. The user can configure the App to not display notifications for incoming messages while the App is locked.

When "Stealth Mode" is activated, only the content of the message the mouse is currently pointing at is visible. This helps keep conversations protected against curious eyes in public places.

With ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp being a 3rd party app, some users are concerned about the privacy of their conversations. Therefore we are very clear about this: All message transactions are handled directly by the WhatsApp servers. No message or contact information is ever transmitted to any of our servers. The App fully supports End-to-End encryption.

Support for multiple accounts

Many users these days have two phone numbers they use WhatsApp with. For example, one private number and one from their employer or their business. Both can be paired with ChatMate Pro simultaneously. Switching between accounts is done by one click or via key combination.

In order to help navigating between accounts, distinct wallpaper images and notification sounds can be set for each account.


WhatsApp conversations can be of great sentimental or business value to users. Still, conversations are only stored on the users mobile device and (possibly) in cloud backups like iCloud. The WhatsApp Desktop App does not store conversations locally except for short term caching.

Over the years, we have had many customers asking us on how to restore their conversations after the loss of their smartphone. Unfortunately, in case they had no cloud backup, all their conversations were lost.

Therefore we have developed the ChatMate Pro Archive. A place on your Mac, where the user can store his or her most valuable conversations, locally on the Mac. Time Machine by default will automatically create backups of these conversations.

Export conversations into files

Users can export whole conversations into a ChatMate Pro archive file. Sending these files to colleagues or friends opens up a way of forwarding not only a single WhatsApp message but a whole conversation. ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is required to read ChatMate Pro archive files. However, reading files is free of charge and does not require a subscription.

Design and Wallpapers

Messaging Apps by most people are used on a daily basis. We believe that something you use every day should be pleasing. This is why the App is specifically designed to look and feel native in the Mac environment.

Conversations are very individual from user to user and so is the user interface. Therefore the wallpaper image gets reflected by many elements of the App.

Also, ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp comes with a library of more than 20 beautiful wallpaper images. But users can also choose to use a custom image file.

WhatsApp Business

ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp fully supports WhatsApp Business.

This includes support for quick replies, administration of the WhatsApp Product catalog and receiving Orders/Carts by customers.

The export to file feature is especially useful for businesses as now it is possible to export a conversation with a customer into a file. This file can then be imported into any CRM software, the business might be using.

Further features

  • Support for all WhatsApp message types, including: text and voice messages, images, videos, GIFs, documents, contacts, stickers, links, reactions, products and orders.
  • "Do not disturb" Mode: Disables all notifications with a single click.
  • Fully customisable notifications.
  • Automatic launch when starting the Mac.
  • "Always on top" Mode: Window can be configured to always stay on top of other windows.
  • "Mini" Mode: When the window is scaled to a smaller size, the conversations list is minimised.
  • Smaller memory memory footprint than other clients because ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp uses more macOS native technologies than competitors.

Who ist ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp for?

We believe that any Mac user, who uses WhatsApp on their smartphone can benefit from using the App. However, the app will be especially useful for people, who:

  • use two or more WhatsApp accounts / numbers.
  • are concerned about their privacy.
  • want to store WhatsApp conversations on their own device.
  • want a WhatsApp client that looks and feels native on their Mac.
  • want to use a wallpaper image.
  • use WhatsApp Business.


ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is free to download from the Mac App Store. There is a 7-day free trial, which enables all features.

After the trial period, the user can choose between three tiers.

The App is also available via the Setapp subscription service. Setapp subscribers receive all features included in the "Max" subscription.

Basic (free)

  • Read conversations that are stored in the ChatMate Pro archive.
  • Import and read ChatMate Pro Archive files.
  • Export conversations from the ChatMate Pro archive to ChatMate Pro Archive files.

Plus ($0.99 per month)

  • All features from "Basic" tier.
  • Chat with contacts.
  • Send and receive documents, images, voice messages and all other message types.
  • "Privacy Mode".
  • "Stealth Mode".
  • Custom wallpaper images.

Max ($2.99 per month)

  • All features from "Basic" and "Plus" tiers.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Store conversations from WhatsApp into ChatMate Pro archive.
  • Export conversations into ChatMate Pro files.

About the developer

I am Bastian Rössler from Germany.

Having started BASIC programming at age 12, learning something new every day is what I like most about developing software.

I have gotten into programming Apps for the Apple Platforms in 2012, when my girlfriend, who is a teacher, asked me to make her a tool to grade exams. Thank you darling! :-)

The first version of ChatMate, called "App for WhatsApp" was created in 2015 because I was frustrated that there was no good way to use WhatsApp on a Mac. In 2016 it was the most purchased App on the Mac App Store world wide.